Tunnel Toys for cats


Made of ultra-strong and tear-proof polyester material, and it is perfect for the lively cat that always wants to scratch. The strong spring steel frame can let your pet run freely in the tunnel. If you have more than one pet, they can also play in the tunnel. The little bell on the cat tunnel is also the cat's favorite.

Pets fun
This 5-way cat tunnel is much more fun than a single tunnel, your pet can be really enjoyed in it, and you can also see the inside through the window on the top and play with your pet

Easy clean
It is very lightweight and easy to clean, you can take it outside conveniently with our provided storage bag. A 5-way cat tunnel is much more fun than a single tunnel. The big capacity makes your pet could enjoy themselves.

Different Designed available
 We have different designs available and This cat tunnel is designed for all cats and small animals such as kittens, puppies, dogs, or rabbits to play and stay in.


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