Soft Pet Blanket


100% Cotton


Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Leather Pink, Beige, Brown

Small, Medium, Large

Extra Soft Puppy Blanket 
Soft pet blanket made of faux fur or Cotton with premium touch as soft as a fleece dog blanket. The ultra-soft cat fur is designed to reminisce a dog mother's fur hug aiding your pets in superior comfort and security. This fuzzy blanket also as a small dog bed or couches for dogs.

Better Protection
The small plush blanket can be a fluffy dog bed for small dogs. In winter with extra warmth from the blanket, dogs will sleep comfortably. Blankets protect the dog bed from the leaks of female dogs, and sofa, floors, car seats from scratching, clawing, chewing, and unwanted pet hairs. Suitable for all seasons.

Machine Washable
Easy to clean after soiling, our dog blanket plush is machine washable and dryer safe not easily deformed. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Small throw blanket adopts stable color fixation, and will not fade after normal cleaning. Do not clean with bleach!






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