Puppy Interactive Suction Cup

 Multifunctional Suction Cup Dog Toy
This is a dog toy with sound, which has functions of cleaning teeth, grinding teeth, interactive tug of war, and automatic food distribution. Long-term use can effectively improve the dog's IQ and agility. It can make the dog no longer annoyed by boredom and successfully attract the dog's attention without damaging the furniture.
Teeth Cleaning
Chewable rubbers in 360degrees. effectively cleaning pet's teeth.A double-layered tooth bulge can effectively remove a dog's calculus, tartar, and bad breath, keeping the dog's oral health.
Self-Playing Toy For Dogs
This toy combines an interactive toy, feeder, tooth cleaner all in one. Fill the dog foods into the ball, it will spill the treats and a bell inside the ball will keep your dog interested. If you are busy or don't have enough time to release your dog’s energy, this toy will be your partner and the dog’s best friend.
There is no dog toy that is indestructible, we know that a dog's behavior can unpredictable. FOR INCREASING THE SERVICE LIFE OF THE TOY, we suggest you supervise your dog when it is playing with the toy. 
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