Pets Puzzle Toys

Reduce Feeding Speed and Enhance Intelligence
The dog toy food slot is perfect, which will help slow down the dog's feeding speed and protect the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Dog puzzle toys can train the dogs. dogs to use their intelligence to move moving parts, to get food. This type of dog toy helps improve and makes the pet active rather than lazy.
Unique Design
The dog puzzle toy has 14 feeders and 8 moving parts. Pets can eat while they play, train dogs to eat well, and improve intelligence.Use a stable and raised anti-slip pad at the bottom, to make the surface wider and increase the resistance when sliding. Fix the position of the dog toy so that it does not slide easily.
Mental Enrichment Game
Thanks to the built-in reward system of puzzles, the interactive toy really make learning fun and easy when they use nose or paws to move the sliders. This dog puzzle toy reduces dog boredom, encourages pets to spend more time and energy playing, and reduces destructive behavior.The puzzle toy will improve your pet's sense of smell, thinking ways to solve problem and decision-making abilities and prevent its physical diseases at the same time!
Safe and Durable Materials & Easy to Clean
The puzzle is made from Heavy Duty Non-Toxic PP material and embedded Non-Slip Pads (Install before use) to ensure its sturdy, durable, stable! Crafted using Non-Detachable sliders to avoid swallowing. The dog puzzle toys beginner are easy to clean with soap in cold water by hand, and then they will be dried naturally after washing.
Quality Service
We are willing to provide our customers with an excellent service because of the high quality of dog puzzle toy advanced. Please feel free to contact us at once if you have any quality issues or questions, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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