Pet Bathing Tool Pet Dog Convenient Clean Water Pipe Spray Nozzle Strap


1. Unpack and confirm that the accessories included in the package are complete (see attached figure);
2. Close the product water pipe valve after taking out the product (with photos);
3. Select the appropriate faucet adapter, the large end is inserted into the tap water outlet, and the thin end is inserted into the interface of the product water pipe;
4. Turn on the tap switch, put on the glove and then open the product water pipe valve, the water will be sprayed from the center of the glove palm;
5. Gloves are attached to the pet hair for back and forth massage.

Product: pet wash dog artifact
Material: Silicone + Hardware + ABS
Single weight: 390g (including the color box)
Length: 2.5 meters

Package Content:
1 x Tool

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