Fluffy Plush Dog Blanket


Extra Softness and Fluffy Plush

Silky Material
This super-soft pet blanket is made of 100% silky fabric, perfect plush long faux fur for your pup and kitten. It's so fluffy that it feels like fur for them to snuggle up to, like dog/cat fur from their mothers

Soft Blanket:
Your fur baby will love this warm cozy blanket. Just use it in a kennel/cattery to make it a softer and warmer place to sleep for them. They want to lie on it all the time. Or just throw it on the floor for your doggy/cat to lay on.

Pet Off Your Belongs:
Put this little furry blanket on your bed, your fur baby will love to sleep on it when she’s on your bed. If you're looking for something to put on your living room furniture, your pets would love to lay on them.

Right Size

Perfect for small dogs and cats.  They will love to snuggle on it and under it.

Easy to Care
This comfy pet blanket is easy to clean and durable. It is lightweight, you can take it out and shake the dirt off. Hand wash is recommended. If you want to use a machine, please use cold water. Please air dry, hang to dry.


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