Dog Interactive Suction Cup


Healthy Chewing 
Chewing is instinct behavior for dogs of all ages. Our sofa and furniture are always getting gnawed at excessively by our dog. An effective solution is to get a dog chew toy for our pooch. Suction Cup Dog Toy is made from eco-friendly BPA-Free materials that doesn't have any toxins and is 100% safe to chew, no any harm to our pets.

Upgraded Double Suction Cups 
When the dog pulls the toy ball, the rope can be transferred to form a dog pull tug toy through the fixed sucker, which can actively mobilize the dog's interest in playing.

Promote Good Dental Hygiene
These teething balls work well for dogs and cats. The non-toxic natural rubber is hardwearing even for the pooch who is a pretty aggressive chewer. It has Molar Bumps of varying heights all over it to clean teeth without hurting his tender gums while our dog chews.

More Fun
Dog chew toy keeps dogs busy and happy for hours. Especially when you put his favorite treats inside the ball. The treats will be dispensed randomly. This injects an element of fun and unpredictability while at the same time slowing down the dog when he is eating.

Interactive Toy 
The bright color will attract doggies' attention to run around and do more exercise. The suction cup dog toy is suitable to play with your dogs in the yard, home or park, so that helps him decrease anxiety, prevent fat disease and keep healthy.

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