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Warm Sleeping Bag for Pets

The design of this sleeping bag can protect your pet from cold damage in winter, keep warm, and at the same time bring a sense of safety to your pet. It is light and easy to move, especially suitable for lazy cats who like to sleep anytime, anywhere.

Amazing Comfort

The cat sleeping bag looks like a combination of a bed and a quilt as a whole. Your pet lying on it is like a person sleeping on a bed, allowing your pet to enjoy the same comfort as you sleeping. A self-warming cat bed can make kittens have a sweet dream.

Super comfortable and warm

The relaxing cat bed made of selected high-quality fabrics is super soft, warm, and comfortable for your cute pet.


Covered Cat Bed made of high-quality and safe material, durable and reliable for long-term use, Semi-enclosed design, breathable and comfortable, removable. Let your pet profound sleep, calming down quickly and relieve the fatigue of the day.


The raised design on the outside of the calming dog bed provides your dog with head and neck support and surrounds it to give it a sense of security. When they sleep in our soft, thick cat bed, the joint and muscle pain will also be relieved and they will sleep more relaxed.


The cat bed cave comes with pillows, Put a removable small cat bed next to your bed, it feels like a cat sleeping on the same bed as you, very cute. At the same time, it can increase the affinity between you and the cat, and the cat will love you.

Removable and Washable

The quilt cover with a zipper is easy to disassemble, wash and dry, so there is no need to worry about cats dirtying the bed in winter.

Unique Design

The cute semi-enclosed cave design and unique shape satisfy the cat's natural instinct to drill holes. This is also a good place for suckling cats and flat snatching and bringing warmth and security to kittens.


  • No electricity, it is a self-warming cat bed, the filling is made of high-grade cotton, and the filling ratio is high, the warmth is better than other cat bed caves.
  • Well Stitched, Some products have very rough sewing on the bottom and inside of the kitten bed, with a lot of thread ends, and pets can easily bite it apart. For our cat sleeping bed, the sewing is firm and safe.
  • This covered cat bed has a large opening, which can keep the entrance open for easy entry and exit of cats.

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