Adjustable Puppy/Cat Vest Harness with Leashes Set

$19.72 $25.95

You can take your cat and dog for a leisurely walk outside.

Escape-proof cat harness, with reflective strips and leash, suitable for kittens and young rabbits

The cat harness is made of high-quality soft mesh fabric. It is a cat harness vest that you can freely adjust the comfort level. Adjustable buckles on both sides and the extended version of Velcro can help you adjust the tightness without worrying about your cat slipping. To better help you, please measure the size accurately and refer to the size chart.


Better security and control

Adjustable buckles on the soft mesh fabric flexibly adjust the slack based on the cat's bust size to prevent the kitten from escaping. Simple snap buckle design allows you to quickly put on and take off when walking the dog outdoors. The double D ring is stronger, for better control and safety.

Super comfortable cat harness

High-quality soft mesh fabric, hollow breathable mesh dry moisture absorption, wear resistance. High elasticity keeps your pet cool at all times stereoscopic cut adapts to the aerodynamic body of your pet, balances the loading area. reducing the kitten's feeling of bondage.

Velcro extended version

High-quality velcro closure, portable adjustment size, and adjustment buckle are used together and equipped with a double belt buckle so that the straps are not easy to fall off.

Full 360 ° reflection

360 ° full reflection can improve the visibility and safety of night trips so that you can see your pet at any time and can easily find it in the dark.


Enjoy a happy time with the children

Adjustable Velcro, the harness is not easy to fall off. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, durable, adjustable to prevent leakage 360 ​​° Total reflection.


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